Privacy Policy



EFFECTIVE DATE: 05/07/2023


We are highly dedicated to protecting our users’ privacy. We have developed a sophisticated and reliable privacy policy to earn your trust.




Our privacy policy explains how we utilize and keep your information protected. Every piece of information you provide us is valuable, and we handle it carefully. You will have a complete idea regarding the details we have received from you privately and how we have utilized them. In addition, we may request you provide essential information to verify your identity when you use our website and various types of services. We will use your personal details strictly as per our privacy policy.


We gather personal details from our users as per their own will. It helps us effortlessly verify your identity. These details can be your name, email address, and other relevant details.

Your personal details also include payment info as well as navigation info. These details allow us to verify your identification. Your navigation details can be the device you use to access our website, such as your exact location, IP address,  particular web browser, number of times visiting the website, time spent on the website, etc. Our employees gather the payment details and process them only at the time of the transaction incurred on our website.




Many third-party service providers provide us with various types of services, such as Financial transaction services, Customer relationship management systems, Electronic mail services, etc. It helps us to provide you with the service you want.

These third-party service providers may have access to some personal details of our users to complete a particular job on our behalf. However, we have chosen reliable service providers to ensure the optimal safety of your personal details. Besides, we only provide the minimal level of information that is necessary to perform the task.


Cookies are small pieces of unique information stored in a user’s web browser to identify a computer on the network.

We utilize these cookies to recognize a particular device of our user and modify the user interface based on the user’s requirements. It is possible for the user to turn off the already saved cookies. However, it may disrupt us to perform our operation smoothly.

It is necessary to authenticate yourself as a User of the platform to ensure the smooth functioning of the Blueprintedge Site,

You are not forced to perform these guidelines. But doing so will help you get the best services from us. It lets us know your activities performed while visiting our site and helps us recommend the best service you need.




We always follow our privacy policy strictly to collect your personal details and use them to provide you with the best service per your requirements.


We regularly email our users regarding their activities and our promotional campaigns. If you don’t want to get any emails, just choose the “Unsubscribe” button.


Occasionally, we might reach out to you on behalf of other Users regarding a particular offer that you may prefer to use.


Under this circumstance, your personal details won’t be shared with third parties. Selling our clients’ personal information to any third parties is against our values. We never think of doing such things.


But we do use our users’ private details only to improve the user experience and give them better services based on their individual requirements.



We are highly dedicated to protecting our users’ privacy and earning their trust. As per our privacy policy, we try to maintain transparency with our users regarding when we use their personal information and how we use them.

After collecting your private details, we may immediately share them with any relevant third parties to perform the task. Otherwise, we will share your information under these criteria.


With your approval: Some third-party advertising companies may have some specific information about users. They may reach you directly to offer you various relevant services in which you might be interested. Choose to decline clearly consenting to get any texts from a third-party advertising company. Your private details will be subject to the privacy policy of that third party.


Shifting of rights: If our service company is acquired by or merged with another company, we may share your personal information with that company in the future.


Legal requirements: We may disclose our users’ personal information to the court or other state-owned organizations as a part of law enforcement. But we won’t disclose any information unless they are asked us to provide for any legal requirements.


Security of our website: We may need to share our users’ details to safeguard our website from any vulnerability in some cases.


In conclusion, we may disclose some private details to third parties to make our service more effective and improve the user experience significantly.


We store our users’ data till you stay with us so that we can give you better and customized service as per your requirements.

We save your email and other highly sensitive information cautiously. We ensure a restricted entry about them.



We may change, delete, or add any privacy policy at any time without sending any notice to our users. You will be able to see any changes on our website easily. When you give a confirmation while registering the account, you are also giving your consent regarding this.


If you still have any queries regarding our privacy policy or how we will take care of your private details, please knock us.